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African Liberation Day 2020 / How about Energy Liberation ?

Five years after the first congress in Accra, Ghana on 15 April 1958 , unity between African nations in order to state and defend their liberation movement was very visual. Maybe 60 years later the Pan African Congress's similar goal was established on the day of 25 May 1963. Foundation of Organization of African Unity is still to be celebrated each year.

Therefore it is great to see a land with full of opportunities and resources is getting stronger each day. From those days up to today, many enterprises which were mediated from Africa , have become strong holdings.

Legal securities , financial solutions as well as service qualities are getting better for international players to invest more and more within each year. 

Modern Energy Policies

Africa , for energy and renewable energy market, is an interesting area. Lack of access to electricity in a wide area brought smart solutions within. It is less efficient and costly to produce electricity in one area and carry out to different far away lands. Instead , micro grid systems , distributed electricity generation is much more popular.  This system is also most of the matured markets are trying to shift into. So there is a chance for Africa to do everything much better than already matured markets where there is now experience from the wrong choices.

Our Philosophy

Part of Freedom & Liberation for us is also equal possibilities on reaching resources. This is a chain of reactions which makes the world a better place. Affordable , optimum quality and sustainable energy production and storage solutions will increase the savings on electricity costs , bringing advantage to local African companies to strengthen their business which also is going to lead more investors to invest in Africa. Utility scale projects are on going , rural areas for small systems are installed everyday and Small to Medium Enterprises considering more and more renewable energy resources instead of diesel generators or grid units. Usually the hybrid of these is used.

As IEW , a company dedicated itself to sustainability in each and every way , we strongly believe in bringing solutions to utility , rural and commercial uses of renewable energy as much as possible keeping in mind, celebration days are to remind us only what to cherish 365 days of the year. So for our team its not only 25 May but everyday is Africa Day. We believe in the market and its players. Thanks to all of our partners in different countries across Africa to share this adventure together with us. 

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