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InvestEnW Starts Investments in Greece

Greece had a long journey in Renewable Energy , high FIT rates in Islands , Mainland attracted many investors until the economical problems strike the market for a period. This period , Greece has managed to success by lowering FIT rates and extending the FIT duration. Irradiation level is more than most of the EU countries so it's still an important investment area.

Even Greece on its own economy smaller than some other neighboring countries , it has managed to export Energy to other countries such as Turkey. Last 2 years was also a success in attracting many important global EPC's and investors. How they managed to do was very simple ;

  1. Establish attractive models for developer and investors.

  2. More securities in policies such as lowering commercial tax , amortization calculation improvements

  3. Funding possibilities with attractive rates

IEW started developments by establishing its own office in Greece by 2019 hiring its own staff and establishing good partnership to local reputable Development & EPC Partners. Even though there was huge interest in development leading rough capacity availabilities IEW was able to secure 20 x 500 kW applications as well as identifying reputable projects from Energy Communities and License projects.


How to Invest in Solar : Greece Market

There are different type of projects which can be tools for investing in solar energy in Greece.

1. FIT Based Projects

A. Individual Systems ( 2 x 500 kWp )

B. Energy Communities ( Up to 18 MWp )

2. License Projects

3. Merchant Market Projects

According to the investor and investment profile these 3 alternatives could be on the pipeline. In addition to this PPC has organized a 200 MWp investment in solar energy , mining areas are extending renewable energy investments and there is a mass installation of Grid Lines and Substations meaning of EPC companies , Vendors and Electrical Engineering companies have all a good advantage if they move into the market on time.

For more details please contact us and download our executive summary on our web page :

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